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Cemeteries of Floyd County, VA

                                                                                                  HOLLIN CEMETERY

                                                                                                   N3659.587      W8009.277
Genevieve Starkey and Judy Blackwell documented this cemetery on 23 April 2008.  It is located in the yard between Charlotte Lampey’s home and Stuart Road.  Charlotte is restoring this cemetery as her schedule permits.
Catherine w/o                                       William Hollins                          Zechariah Hollins
George G. Bell                                      28 Jan. 1850                            s/o Wm. & Charity
19 Aug. 1876                                       19 June 1914                            b. 1881
d. 1904                                                                                                                                   
Charity A. Hollins                                 George Bell                              Laudy T. Janney
28 Jan. 1856                                        (Stone Gone)                            1877-1943
27 Jan. 1922                                                                                        (Janney one stone)
Lurinda H. Janney                                 Lilly Craighead                         W. D. Craighead
1876-1932                                           12 Aug. 1877                           11 June 1875
                                                            13 Mar. 1946                           14 Dec. 1932
                                                            (Our Mother)                          
Funeral Home has Lilly listed as Lilly Mae Gusler
67 years of age
14 March 1946 as death date



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