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Cemeteries of Floyd County, VA


VIA LANE  N 36 52.259  W 80 20.806
Documented by Evelyne Rutrough and re-visited 27 March 2008 By Genevieve C. Starkey
I’m listing this as per Miss Rutrough’s research several years before.. 
On my visit I found many of the stones broken and lying face down.
Lucy Delis (Bolen) Rakes                                 2 Dec 1873                 4 Apr 1941
Susan Boon Bolen ( w/o Wm. I. Bolen)           4 Apr 1856             11 Feb 1886
Wm. I. Bolen                                                    11 Feb 1854                9 Jun 1896
    (s/o Wm. Barnabus & Mahalia Martin Bolen)           
Mahalia (Martin Bolen)  (w/o Barnabus)           23 Apr 1834                10 Jul 1902
Barney Bolen    (Wm. Barnabus)                       17 Feb 1834                19 Feb 1919
Franklin B. Bolen                                              20 Feb 1886                20 Feb 1886
Eliza Gertrude Bolen                                         4 Mar 1890                 25 Sep 1906
Oney Susan Bolen                                            24 Oct 1894                27 Oct 1907
J Henry Bolen                                                   12 May 1888               12 Jan 1909
    (killed in Lick Branch Mine.  S/o Wm. I. & Abigail Russell Bolen)
Lena Bolen Quesenberry                                  13 Nov 1883               3 Feb 1974
    (d/o Wm. I. & Susan Boon Bolen.  3rd w/o Walker Quesenberry)
Mable Ruth Quesenberry                                  2 Oct 1926                 20 Sep 1928
William W. Quesenberry                                   23 May 1918               6 Jan 1965
Herbert E. Quesenberry                                    27 Feb 1922                10 Nov 1971
  (Above three are ch/o Walker & Lena Bolen Quesenberry)



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