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Cemeteries of Floyd County, VA

                                                BECKNER CEMETERY
                             N3705.12           W8007.375              2833 Ft. 
Genevieve Starkey, Judy Blackwell and John Harman documented this cemetery on April 23, 2008.  It is located on the right  of Deer Run Rd. just off of #221 less than a mile.
Infant of W. A.                                     Terry Teel                                Ollie Beckner Reed
& Lydia Wimmer                                  Co. H.                                      w/o Charley Beckner
1911                                                    6th VA Inf.                                17 Apr. 1892
                                                            CSA                                        30 Sept. 1963
Walter E. Beckner                                David Wayne Manning           Columbus H. Beckner
24 July 1910                                        22 June 1963                           13 Oct. 1896
Died 1943                                            04 Nov. 1963                          20 Sept. 1908
Nellie Wimmer Manning                       John W. Beckner                      Ann Eliza Mills
07 Sept. 1920                                      31 May 1865                           w/o I. K. Wimmer
20 June 2005                                       27 Aug. 1945                           1844-1894
Izetta G. Beckner                                 James C. Wimmer                    Louise Kelley
02 Feb. 1866                                       1873-1941                               w/o. J. C. Wimmer
14 Mar. 1940                                                                                       1874-1898


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