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Cemeteries of Floyd County, VA


(gcs) = Genevieve Starkey Research
(rfs)= Rhonda Fleming Smith Research

Above Mount Olivet Church Floyd/Roanoke County Line (gcs)
Agnew Cemetery, Woods Gap Road (gcs)
Joel Agnew Cemetery (gcs)
Akers Graves (gcs)
Akers-Weeks Cemetery (gcs)
Aldredge Cemetery (gcs)
Anderson Mills Ccemetery (gcs)

  Ballinger Cemetery (gcs)
Barton Cemetery (gcs)
Beckner Cemetery (gcs)
  Big Oak Cemetery(African American) (gcs)
Abraham Blackwell Cemetery (gcs)
Eli Blackwell Cemetery (gcs)
  Board Cemetery (gcs)
Bolen Cemetery (gcs)
Burgess-Harman Cemetery (gcs)

Camp Creek Cemetery (gcs)
  Cannaday Family Cemetery (gcs)
Claytor Cemetery (gcs)
Claytor Cemetery #1 (gcs)
Cockran Cemetery (gcs)
Bird Cole Cemetery (gcs)
Fleming Cole Cemetery (gcs)
Harvey Cole Cemetery (gcs)
County Line Primitive Baptist Cemetery (gcs)
  Craig-Hines Cemetery (gcs)

Benjamin or Chris Dodd Cemetery (gcs)
  Dodd-Hylton Cemetery (gcs)

East Hill Cemetery (gcs)
Epperly Cemetery (gcs)
Epperly-Ballinger Cemetery (gcs)

Finney Cemetery (gcs)
Franklin Pike Cemetery (African American) (gcs)

Gill Cemetery (gcs)
Goad Cemetery (rfs)
Goodykoontz Cemetery (gcs)
Graham Cemetery (Franklin Pike) (gcs)
Graham Cemetery (Rt. 615) (gcs)
  Perry Graham Cemetery (gcs)

Hale Cemetery (gcs)
Hall Cemetery (gcs)
Hancock Cemetery (gcs)
William H. "Baldy" Harman Cemetery (gcs)
Harman-Weddle Cemetery (gcs)
  Isaac Newton Haynes Cemetery (gcs)
 Col. Jacob Helms Cemetery (gcs)
Hemlock Cemetery (gcs)
Hoback-Rutrough Cemetery (gcs)
Holden Cemetery (gcs)
Hollin Cemetery (gcs)
Holt & Worley Cemetery (gcs)
John Andrew Howell Cemetery (gcs)
Howell-Carter Cemetery (gcs)
  Howell-Harman Cemetery (gcs)
Howery-Cannaday Cemetery (gcs)
Howery-Gray Cemetery (gcs)
  Hungate Family Cemetery (gcs)
  Ira Hylton Cemetery (gcs)
John & Marcella Ingram Cemetery (gcs)

Lydia Weddle Keith Cemetery (gcs)
Kelley Family Cemetery (gcs)
George & Sarah King Cemetery (gcs)
King-Menefee (gcs)
Kitterman-Agnew Cemetery (gcs)

Laurel Creek Cemetery (gcs)
Lee Cemetery (gcs)
  Lemon-Brammer Cemetery (gcs)
Light Cemetery (gcs)
Henry Link Grave (gcs)
Little River Cemetery (gcs)

Mannon Cemetery   (rfs)
Martin Cemetery (gcs)
James & Rebecca Martin Cemetery (gcs)
McNeil-McNiel Cemetery (gcs)
Mills Cemetery (gcs)
Morricle & Dickerson Cemetery (gcs)

Nowlin-Nolen Cemetery (gcs)

Obrian-Obryan-Obrien Cemetery (gcs)

Pine Creek Baptist Church Cemetery (gcs)
Poor Farm Cemetery (gcs)
Price Family Cemetery (African American) (gcs)
Prillaman Cemetery (gcs)
Puckett Cemetery (gcs)


Radford Family Cemetery (gcs)
Samuel P. Rakes Cemetery (gcs)
Red Oak Grove Cemetery (gcs)
Reed-Booth(e) Cemetery (gcs)
  Richards Cemetery AKA Rutrough-Hoback (gcs)
Rierson Cemetery (gcs)
  Roundtop Cemetery (gcs)

Shank Cemetery (gcs)
  Shelor Cemetery (gcs)
 Cara Simmons Cemetery (gcs)
Simpson Cemetery AKA Barlow Cemetery (gcs)
Sisson Cemetery (gcs)
Oliver Perry Slusher Cemetery AKA Little Peter Cemetery (gcs)
Smith Family Cemetery AKA Easter Flower Patch (gcs)
James & Ruth Smith (gcs)
Sowder-King Cemetery (gcs)
Stonewall Cemetery (gcs)
  Sweeny-Strickler Cemetery (gcs)

Thomas Cemetery   (rfs)
Thompson Cemetery (gcs)
Valentine Thrash Cemetery (gcs)
Charles & Violet Turner Cemetery (gcs)

  Jesse Underwood Cemetery AKA Gillespie (gcs)

Via Cemetery (gcs)

Wade-Slusher Cemetery (gcs)
Walton Cemetery (gcs)
Weddle Cemetery (gcs)
  Weddle-Whitlow-Wickham Cemetery (gcs)
West Cemetery (gcs)
  Whitlcok Cemetery (gcs)
Williams Cemetery (rfs)
Wilson Cemetery (gcs)
Wilson Family Cemetery (BRP) (gcs)
Wood-Perdue Cemetery   (gcs)
Woodward Cemetery (gcs)
Wright Cemetery   (gcs)

T. A. Yeatts Cemetery (gcs)

Zion Lutheran Church Cemetery -old part (gcs)






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